When it comes to creating a bespoke handbag for a client, we really go the extra mile to confirm we have captured their vision, met their needs and fulfilled their every requirement. Our client, Lenka Gourdie from BagServant, has been one of our best supporters.  As part of our Bespoke Bag for Lenka project, we met in a cosy convenient wine bar at London Waterloo to finalise the leather choices and make any final adjustments to the design.

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Lenka Gourdie of Bagservant.com & Anna Sushko

Our founder and head designer Anna had brought a selection of new leather swatches for Lenka to peruse.  This is key as we have to agree on the final leather selections so that the next stages of the bag creation process can begin.  Lenka had chosen to have one of the Anya Sushko iconic handbags, the Maxi Karolina, a bag that was made for busy, professional woman just like her – with a few adjustments, making her Maxi Karolina bag totally unique.

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Lenka choosing her leather

What did you like about the Maxi Karolina Bag?
LG: I fell in love with the Karolina 2 years ago when I started working with Anna on BagServant. I loved the classic shape but still looking different and unique. At that time Anna had her small Karolina, me being the Big Bag Lover, I wanted a bigger bag to be able to carry all my essentials.

What specifications did you want the bag to have?
LG: I needed the bag to be bigger to fit my essentials so we scaled up the design so everything would fit inside.  The original design had handles suited for mid arm carrying, since I was going to use it for work and meetings, I wanted the handles to be longer so I could wear it over my shoulder traveling to and from the office with ease.

What is unique about the design of this bag in terms of your lifestyle?
LG: I am on the lookout for the next lifestyle bag – although I love to have a bag which I can take to the office, the gym and then out – the Karolina for me, is real luxury – I will miss out the gym with this bag. It is the perfect bag for the office & client meetings – look stylish and unique. The fact the handles are longer so I can carry the bag over my shoulder is a bonus for my busy lifestyle.

What makes this bag unique for you?
LG: I played an important part in the adjustments of the design, which makes this bag special but the icing on the cake is having my name on it! My full name will be stamped onto the bag making it well and truly special!
I love to have a bag made by Anya Sushko & a bag owned by an emerging designer. As I said before, I have always been in love with the Karolina – It will be my dream come true. I also like the fact that the bag is hand-made by Founder Anna.

What do you carry in your handbag?
LG: I tend to carry too much. I am a Big Bag Lover in the BagServant speech. I tend to carry all the essentials as every woman would but when I am on the go for meetings & going to the office, I need to carry a laptop & charger which requires me to have a big bag.

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Array of different leather swatches.

Lenka decided on orange textured cow hide leather with a naturally tanned brown leather trim matched with grey cotton lining.  We will catch up with her in a few weeks at our studio to review the finer details and begin making the Maxi Karolina Bag.

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Leather chosen by Lenka Gourdie

Leather chosen by Lenka Gourdie

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