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As London is getting into the mood for spring, our founder Anna has just returned from her trip to Riga, Latvia where the weather shows no mercy! “In Riga it is still cold, still snowing in April! After living in London for the last 14 years, I can’t get used to the Eastern European climate each time I go back home!” she told us.

Apart from spending time with family, Anna made some time to enjoy architectural sites such as the magnificent Cesis Castle in the small town of Cesis.

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Cesis Castle

The ancient Cesis Castle, with its impressive ruins is considered to be one of the best in the Baltic States. Built in the early 13th century, it has survived numerous wars and rebuilt many times. A popular tourist destination in Latvia because of its extensive history, you can see from the photographs how certain aspects of the castle are still intact where others have been subjected to ruin.

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The small town of Cesis has a an old legend, which always makes it a little bit more special.  It tells us of an old man who would walk around with his lantern, wishing everyone good night and to stay safe. Nowadays all lanterns that are seen are reminders of this keeper and how “it’s light will always show the right way not only for the Old man, but also for your good thoughts, dreams and intentions…” This is how the lantern came to be the symbol of the town.  This story has been passed down the generations in Cesis and legend has it that if you see an old man in Cesis walking with a lantern, you should stop and polish it so that the light will shine bright to show the way.

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Lanterns Inspired By The Towns Legend

Not far from Cesis Castle, there is a museum with impressive artifacts including innovative art pieces made by local children and some interesting jewellery pieces worn by the Latvian people in the 12th & 13th Century.

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Artwork in the Museum made by Local Children

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Jewellery Worn By Latvian People in the 12th – 13th Century

The cold weather made the trip to Cesis even more romantic, on the last day we were mesmerised by the beautiful sky above the train station. We could not resist taking a shot of our Chic City Tote Bag (this was the bag made exclusively for the Dorchester Boutique)  in an unusual setting.  Here are some more images of our Chic City Tote in an around Downtown Cesis. We wanted to share some of the snaps with you. You can also see more on our social media, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

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