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It racing season! Apart from the horse racing and betting, the ladies get really competitive about standing out from the crowd. Society events such as the Royal Ascot are a perfect opportunity to show your best assets and become “Belle of the ball”. To steal the spotlight, one must be a picture of elegance and sophistication.

The Great British Drama of Royal Ascot is famous for its dress code.  The underline component is, of course, the hat. Well, let’s not make it all about the hats this year and give an element of intrigue to the outfit by emphasizing another essential accessory – our beloved handbags. Standing out from the fashion pack is what we believe we do best. This is how we intent on bringing glamour and a bit of avant-garde rock to the occasion.

This summer, we are thinking bright colours as well as shiny fabrics will add flair to the picture.

The Maxi Severina in sky blue perfectly complements a dress or suit in almost any print. It will be in its best element accompanying white, nude, rose pink and even grass green colours.

On the other hand, one of our favourites – The Modern Extravaganza in Black Patent – will add true sensation to any single choice of wear you make. With its colour and patent glossy finish, it speaks of impeccable style and promises center stage.

If you opt for something more classic and refined, you can pick The Severina Handbag in Rose Red. The quintessence of radiance is hidden in a basic and easy style with a celebration of splash and emotion. You give polish to an outfit with that bag, which the French would define as ‘savoir faire’.

Don’t forget the hat, but after all make it in an air of sophistication and confidence. Even our Creative Director Anya Sushko tried on hats last week during a report she was doing in central London.

Creative Director Anya Sushko trying on some lovely hats

Creative Director Anya Sushko trying on some lovely hats

Remember, the perfect handbag can do more than people think, just show them you know how.

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