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Here comes the day when our client Lenka Gourdie, from Bag Servant, and her new bespoke Maxi Karolina are finally together and we get to hear how they get on with each other. Sounds like a ‘happily ever after’ to us…

Below, we share with you an interview with Lenka which took place at London’s busy Waterloo station, a few days after she received her bespoke Maxi Karolina handbag, created especially for her.

Creative Director Anya Sushko with Lenka Gourdie

Creative Director Anya Sushko with Lenka Gourdie

Q1: It has been a couple of weeks since you received your bespoke Maxi Karolina! Have you been enjoying it already and where/on what occasions have you worn it?

I love it. I love the fact that the bag has been admired by other people. I have taken it mainly to the work related occasions – meetings, office, networking events.

Q2: What do you think sets the Maxi Karolina apart? What do you like the most about it?

I love the fact that it is a big bag but very stylish and unique…the handmade high quality… I love the personal message. Lots of women have admired the bag and asked me where the bag is from … which was what I was hoping for.

The bag stands out on its own. But the high quality, attention to detail with the combination of spacious & lots pockets – the bag is the perfect office accessory for every busy woman on the go who wants to stand out and show off her personality and style.

Q3: Did the final result come out as you had expected?

I am very happy … I have expected a lovely bag but I truly love it!

Q4: Is there anything about it that you would change or add?

Not really … I would love to have a matching purse & make up bag.

I would probably add a longer shoulder strap. I love the handles as they are the perfect size but I can see how some people may want to have a longer shoulder strap.

Q5: If you could recommend one Anya Sushko handbag to your clients or friends, which one would it be and why?

Karolina – in all sizes. …. Lots of women love the orange bag … I can see myself having it in different colours. But I am sure that different handbag personalities will see each other in them. This bag is great for all anyone who loves classic and big bags. Wear it with confidence and enjoy it!

The Modern Extravanga is another bag I have my eyes on – I’d recommend it to Glamourpuses. It’s sophisticated and very lady like!

The lovely Lenka Gourdie with her bespoke Maxi Karolina handbag

The lovely Lenka Gourdie with her bespoke Maxi Karolina handbag

To inquire your own bespoke handbag email us at bespoke@anyasushko.com

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