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Not long ago, we caught ourselves in need real relaxation…This brought us to visit an amazing place in the lush English countryside, called Calcot Spa. Whisked away from the worries of the big city, we experienced supreme calmness and comfort, which only reminded us how crucial it is to be able to switch off and restart from time to time.

We would like to share with you this stunning setting – hopefully you too can enjoy a minute of peace and harmony and regain balance, just like we did. Thanks to its countryside location, “situated in a quiet corner of Calcon Manor’s grounds”, as well as its impressive interior and pleasant ambience, you are easily transported to a splendid state of mind and body.

What better way to describe the experience than to share a handful of pictures, which can tell more than words how we felt in this special place.

The first picture shows an old English building, the front entrance of the Calcot SPA. It’s simply magical and attractive.

Here you can see a side view of the building, made of stone which is very typical for this area – called the Cotswolds meadowland. This one dates back to the 14th century.

We were lucky to have lovely weather, so we could enjoy the terrace for breakfast every morning, basking in sunshine.

Just sitting outside, admiring the beautiful view of trees and fields is more than enough to feel the healing beams of nature. We wanted to share with you a snapshot of this moment.

The next picture takes you inside, to a sitting area that shows the best of the comfort and cosiness of the place. Imagine that everywhere and in every room you get more and more of it – simply an accommodation heaven with fabulous facilities to enjoy yourself.

Speaking of pleasures, we can’t fail to mention one of the most important elements –the food! At Calcot Spa, the food is simply fantastic. It is a beautiful combination between traditional English cuisine and modern European. The service itself is on the highest level as is everything else here.

Let’s get to the main point of visiting a SPA  – Calcot offers a variety of special treatments you can choose from, such as different massages, facials, and many more – equally relaxing for your mind, body and soul. You can spoil yourself to the maximum with the wide range of therapies and all kinds of pampering rituals that can be found there.

We enjoyed many of the wonderful ways to spend your time at Calcot Manor, including the swimming pools – both indoors and outdoors.

Now, back in the city, we think dearly of this secluded spot with a marvelous environment, an excellent choice for a divine getaway. Why not treat yourself to a genuine recharge when you really deserve it? It guarantees to give you a great boost of inspiration and restoration on both physical and mental level – which is something everyone needs nowadays. We definitely feel a boost after a weekend away at Calcot Spa!

To visit the Calcot Spa, see: http://www.calcotspa.co.uk/

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NB: We enjoyed a visit to Calcot Spa on a personal occasion and this post is not sponsored or commissioned in any way.