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We often get asked about the things and people who inspire us and our work. Today, we want to share with you some recent inspiration that brought a fresh air to our daily routine. Designing is part art, and as artists, we often find ourselves inspired by other’s work. We would like to introduce you to an extraordinary fashion entrepreneur, who knows how to use her vision to bring beauty in this world and give people joy. Her name is Alexandra van Eck, the founder of online jewellery specialist Tres Jewellery.

Peony Lim Specially for Tres Jewellery wearing Daniel Espinosaedited

Peony Lim in Daniel Espinosa jewellery via Tres Jewellery

Alexandra has an incredible eye for and the ability to discover and trend spot the most intricate jewellery designs. She turned her talent into a business, successfully running online boutique Tres Jewellery, where you can find the most unique creations, available to people around the world. Tres Jewellery specializes in handcrafted accessories – a match made in heaven! We were enchanted by the variety of precious gems you can find and how special is every one of a kind. The website offers jewellery lines created by talented people from every continent.

Très Jewellery was founded to celebrate modern women and to meet their needs and demands.” This is the credo we ourselves at Anya Sushko London share and are happy to say it gives meaning to every piece of work we deliver.The concept offers a beautiful online space which curates exclusive designer jewellery which aims to celebrate women and how unique very one of them is. Alexandra adds: “Our modern chaotic world of mass production forces women to buy standardized products with no personal touch. In return when a special piece is found it’s worshiped. However nowadays it could be incredibly difficult to find something “one of a kind”.

What is remarkable about Alexandra is that she discovers the most exceptional and unique brands from around the globe, to then bring them together ‘under the roof of Tres jewellery’. With just a click, you can discover different cultures and stories from all around the world, outstanding people, whose significant minds and work are made accessible. This is a perfect reflection of the modern world we live in and how fascinating life is.

And what about Alexandra’s inspiration? “Très Jewellery is created for modern confident women looking for something special, “one of a kind”. A modern type Audrey Hepburn – who wasn’t afraid to be feminine yet strong, a woman with her own voice and opinion.”

We hope this introduction is enough to launch the sparkle, but you really have to see for yourself, as this is something you have to uncover by you own exploration. Discover more about Alexandra and her work on her blog.

Inspired and enchanted, we are planning a designer collaboration with Alexandra – stay tuned and you will be the first ones to know of it – more details coming soon!

Discover Alexandra van Eck’s work here http://tresjewellery.com/about and her boutique Tres Jewellery here http://tresjewellery.com/.

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