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The free spirit of summer is upon us and we naturally drift towards thoughts of leisure and fun. Festivals are the essence of a seasonal break-free. Wireless, Lovebox, Latitude, Secret Garden Party – no matter which one you are headed to, they are all inviting you to cut loose and unleash.

We invite you to express yourself fully and enjoy your get-away, wherever it might be. Bring out the best in you and make the most of the moment, by indulging in some free spirited good time. Make your own fairytale and pull it off rather spectacular. You know how to do this – by choosing high quality sense of style. At Anya Sushko London, we know that the master elements of an outfit are the accessories, starting with the handbag. Handcrafted of the best Italian leather and with a signature design, we are offering a great variety to give you a style advantage.

Our style revolves around keeping practical and maintaining comfort, while setting yourself apart from the crowd.  A cross shoulder bag or a mini purse is a perfect option, as it allows for an easy and effortless style, keeping minimal with your belongings. If downsizing is not an option and you want to make sure you have got everything you might need at an arm’s reach, go for a shoulder handbag or a clutch. Browse and choose carefully, we have plenty of options for you to choose from.

This summer, choose bright colours that will make your ensemble shine high. With high waist denim shorts or a sheer summer dress, you can be a hit by simply wearing the right accessory. Check out the Heart Purse in Sky Blue or Powder Pink, it’s a magical combo with whites, nudes as well as warm colours. Another strike will be a Rose red Mini Hiss Clutch, which speaks loud and looks vibrant, ensuring to overshadow the audience. The auspicious Severina Handbag in Cream will take someone’s breath away for sure, and you will cruise around spreading rays of sunshine on those around you.

What better than a bag/accessory that will not only show your fashion modus operandi, but will also be a smart choice and will work with your wardrobe. We design the Anya Sushko handbags to have this special class of both alluring design and intelligence. All it takes to show off an exquisite style is to choose your piece of fabulousness for the season of love and adventure.

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