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Isn’t fashion a lot about being ahead of the game? For many, knowing what to anticipate and wear next season is a master skill. Can you guess where we are going? After months of preparation, we are ready to premiere our latest collection – collection 2015, which embodies the essence of Anya Sushko – elegance, enjoyment and an individual sense of style.

This time, we would like to involve you in the process and we reveal our behind the scenes mood boards and video to let you into Anya Sushko’s world.

What is the inspiration of the Biz Lady collection 2015, you might ask?  We envisioned a professional woman, who works hard & plays harder. She favours structured handbags suitable for every day wear, with sharp silhouettes and intricate details, embodied by the elegant Karolina handbag, available in Maxi, Mini and Standard sizes.

The geometrical shapes and sharp silhouettes are classic, yet playful, designed for both business or pleasure. The new Maxi Carolina in Olive Green is a delicious twist of smart style. The Mini Karolina however is the little sister that likes to take it easy, but promises to keep it cool.

Clean, sharp lines, as well as modern minimalism is the elegant structure captured in the new collection. Still, there’s also a celebration of freedom of movement and ease with the small Heart Purse and the Hiss clutch in a range of vivid colours to choose from. Light and functional, small and practical timeless pieces, especially designed for when less is more, for nights out and free-spirited days off.

Perfect for a night out! The Heart Purse in Powder Pink.

Perfect for a night out! The Heart Purse in Powder Pink.

As an expert leather maker and a bespoke handbag designer, Anya Sushko has always favoured a true combination between functionality and beauty in her work. That is our credo which drives us to create handbags that respond to even the most discerning client’s expectations. We really believe in the value of high quality bespoke services, such as the ones we provide. To us, as well as to most of our clients, modern luxury is all about supreme quality, attention to detail and personalised touch – embodied by special creations, picking a colour, adding initials or a memorable message of your choice.

Our team is dedicated to providing the very best in modern luxury handbags and we welcome your opinion and thoughts on the latest Anya Sushko collection, available exclusively here http://www.anyasushko.com/collections/new-arrivals.

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