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Summer season might as well be called Travel season. Stuck in the office or better – sizzling at the beach, we find ourselves daydreaming more than usual, mind hopping amongst different destinations. One moment we are enjoying a picnic at our beloved park, the next we are lying on the beach staring at the sea, just to be followed by an adventure weekend conquering the mountains. With so many options popping in our minds, one of our all time favourites is no doubt cruising the French and Italian Riviera in style, glazing at yachts and beautiful people.

Riviera Chic is the look and feel we are craving during the summer season. Uber stylish clothes, posh cafes and glitzy restaurants, big boats and bigger hats and sunglasses – our imagination goes wild when we picture the Riviera and always gives us a fantasy fashion moment. A picture of elegance combined with a sleek Italian way of comfort is how we see ourselves around The Mediterranean. Casual, completed look teamed up with a distinguished accessory of a kind. Let’s add flair to the outfit and complement it with a bespoke bag by Anya Sushko London. One of a kind, of the highest quality and most exquisite style, this is the one element to opt for.

You can be a real sensation with a luxury Modern Extravaganza Handbag in Rose and Terracotta red that would dazzle every LBD. The same model in Ivory and Cream is a delicious choice for pastel colours skirts and maxi dresses in more vibrant palette.

If you simply want the label “Marvelous” don’t think too much and take a Severina on your shoulder. The luxury bag is one of the trademarks of Anya Sushko London. You can be flawless if you have the Cream Diamond piece or the Cream handbag with long metal chain. They welcome brave and smart sexy choices of wear in any trend.

The luxury Severina in Rose Red and Sky blue comes with leather straps, if you want to be just bold and have a beautiful colour to stand out from the crowd.

A more delicate choice for a night out on a yacht or for a romantic evening on the coast at a restaurant right next to the sea could be the svelte Uma bag in either Ivory or Powder Pink. It is a classic, yet classy bag, impossible to go unnoticed.

In case you want to free light and free, the ideal option is a small bag like the Heart Purse or a Mini Hiss Clutch, big enough to fit your favourite lipstick and your Vespa keys – there is little else that a romantic evening overlooking the Mediterranean coast requires.

You have the luxury to fully share with us your preferences as to the colour, shoulder straps or special combinations of any element and we promise to take care of your individual needs thanks to our bespoke services. Our handcrafted specially made handbags are waiting for you exceptional style taste.

Voyage Voyage and have a wonderful holiday!