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Welcome back behind the scenes at our Studio in London. This week, we invite you to take a look at our drawing boards, back when the original Karolina handbag was created.

A few years ago, we were receiving more and more enquiries for a classic daily handbag with a twist, smart enough for the office, pretty enough for a dinner out and as practical as it can possibly get. A lot of our customers were struggling to find something really classic but also a stand out.  We accepted the challenge and sat down at the drawing board.

A daily handbag that you can take anywhere has to have a classic look and shape. We chose a trapezoid shape, with a slight curve at the top to add a small twist that we know will matter to the individualists amongst you. We made the bottom firm so that it sit upright when you put it down, and it holds you things in place – especially useful if you are carrying a small lap top, a tablet, folders or anything that needs to be treated carefully.

Once the architectural work has been completed, we moved on to carefully choosing and creating the details that will define the handbag’s usability. The pockets are key – they can alter the structure so they need to be carefully placed – exactly where they will matter. You are likely to open them and go through them numerous times a day so they need to be durable and to bring comfort, as much as anything else. As women, we understand the need to separate your essentials from everything else – that familiar moment when you’ve been looking for your keys or your phone for 20minutes. We decided on a front pocket with a central zip, big enough for the things you are more likely to reach for regularly. We kept it subtle to keep the bag’s original shape.

We discovered that practicality is what makes the difference between buying a handbag and then wearing it on a daily basis. Arm candy handbags worn at the arm are favoured by many of our customers – therefore we created sturdy, great quality handles that won’t wear off. The final, hand stitched detail speaks of the work and attention that has gone into them. However, those of us who are used to juggling more than one thing at a time (children! Shopping bags! Car keys! Mobile phone…the list is endless) know that a long handle to allow for shoulder wear and even cross body wear can be priceless. So we added a longer handle that can be added on when most required.

Larger handles for greater use

Larger handles for greater use

The Karolina soon proved to be one of our most popular designs. We think the reason is we listened to your feedback and designed it to be as practical as it is beautiful, to suit many different occasions and most of all, to be a reliable partner from early morning to late at night. Subsequently, we developed different variations of the Karolina – the Maxi, for those of you who can never fit it all, the Mini for those who prefer things lights and the Classic. See them all here and tweet us your favourite one!

Why are so many of our handbags named after women? Simply, because we cannot seize to be inspired by the people we meet both professionally and personally and especially those who leave a lasting mark. Everyone comes into your life for a reason, because everyone can be your teacher – in a different way. By naming our bags after the strong females that have left an impression, we give meaning to our work.

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