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Dear Readers, we have been quiet for a while but we’re pleased to announce that 2016 is the year when our blog is very much back online!  And where better to see in 2016 than the romantic city of Riga, the birthplace of Anya, our Creative Director?


Old Town Riga

Riga is one of those places that seduces you with its blend of Baltic sophistication and traditional rustic simplicity.  Our favourite place is the Christmas Market in Downtown, which has the 13th century Cathedral of St Mary as its romantic backdrop.


Winter fair’s stalls with amber and wool.

Here you can potter from stall to stall, at one moment choosing from an array of traditional Amber stone jewellery, at another delving between cosy homemade woollen jumpers, plush deerstalker hats and comforting sheepskins, and at another picking from an assortment of blackened joints of meat, smoked traditional-style.


Winter fair stalls with fur and handmade wooden items.


Stalls with food.

And all the while you are embraced by the wintry smell of roasting meats, chestnuts and caramel-coated peanuts. Sipping a mulled wine by the open fire at the centre of the market, and watching the snow settle on the ground, you feel a million miles away from the hurly-burly of London life.  A great way to recharge the batteries.  Hello 2016!


Winter Fair in Old Town Riga


Anya and Matthew at Winter Fair at Dome Square in Riga