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Dear Readers, here at Anya Sushko we are always on the look-out for trend-setters and style queens, so over the coming year we are going to be telling you about who we think are keeping ahead of the pack and setting the fashion trends.  Our first post in the series is The Bloggers.  Our next post in the series (“Taste-Makers: The Young Starlets”) will appear on 5th of February.

We all know that the blogosphere is where the world goes to for Fashion and Styling tips, and we at Anya Sushko are no different.  So who do we think are the bloggers who are going to be the big influencers in 2016?  Take a look at our list below…


Born and raised in Mexico City, Michelle Banquells, the creator of Stereotypemess, is a “true believer that true art comes from the real world, from the people on the streets or from a magical sunset in the middle of a deserted beach”.  We couldn’t agree more.  She’s worked with the great Carolina Herrera, and also as a contributor to Hola! Magazine, writing reviews for Milan, Paris and New York Fashion Weeks, so she certainly knows all the up and coming trends.  We think she’s great – check her out!


Michelle Banquells – ‘Red Roses and Lace (Look 97)’


The brain-child of Amena, a fashion designer and stylist by profession, Fashionopolis is the destination to go to for the last word on high Fashion, street styles and trends, and for the latest D-I-Y styling tips, industry news and goings-on in the Fashion circuit.  Amena is also a general fan of Literature and Arts, so there is always a dash of Culture on this blog.  We love it!


British fashion and beauty blogger, Naomi Isted, always helps us keep a step ahead of the game!  After a training in Fashion Journalism, she moved into being a beauty blogger for HELLO Magazine, fashion columnist and TV presenter.  Make sure to check out her blog if you want to stand out in the Fashion-hub that is London.

Follow Naomi on: Twitter & Pinterest


Naomi Isted


40+Style’s mission is to show you that you can look gorgeous and experiment with styles and Fashion at any age, a sentiment that we at Anya Sushko truly believe in.  Offering style advice and beauty information for women over 40, it shows you how to embrace your body and create your very own look.  Sylvia van de Logt, the founder and editor-in-chief of 40+Style, and keen photographer, is originally from The Netherlands but now lives in shopping paradise, Singapore.


Lidia Frolova, creator of Gvozdishe, describes herself as an “explorer of life, a dreamer, a photographer, a stylist, a personal shopper”.  We love her take on the world and how to stand out from the crowd!  Head to this cool and sassy blog for all you want to know about the latest styles and Fashion.  It’s a must.


Lidia Frolova.