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One of the questions we get asked the most often is to do with Anya’s inspiration behind a particular handbag or collection. Therefore, due to popular demand, this is the first in our new The Inspiration Behind blog series, where we will offer you a sneak peak at our creative forces, behind the scenes.

One of our most emblematic bags is no doubt the Modern Extravaganza. A firm favourite of our customers, fashion editors, boutique owners and us at the Studio, the Modern Extravaganza is often celebrated for its well-accentuated shape and stand out curves. Thanks to its medium size, it works well for day-to-night and it is the type of handbags that every woman likes to have near her side – spacious, reliable, pretty and practical. Being one of Anya’s original and first creations, it features many show-and-tell details such as the central lock and curved flap, along with hand-finished stitch on the curved, strong handle, typical for our designs. It is the perfect work handbag, which will comfortably fit your daily essentials, always looking elegant and put together.

Those of you who know Anya will be familiar with her flair for architecture and interior design, which are not only her passions, but also degrees in education. The Modern Extravaganza is in fact part of Anya’s early work – the Chic and Shape collection – which is a tribute to one of her favourite periods in modern architecture – the Art Deco period.

The Art Deco Period is an influential visual arts design style, often characterised by rich colors, bold geometric shapes, and lavish ornamentation. During its heyday, Art Deco represented luxury, glamour, exuberance, and faith in social and technological progress. Anya interpreted this by giving the Modern Extravaganza design a stern, yet playful vision for the bags with a classic, yet avant-garde twist. All about a strong, bold silhouette and accentuated shapes, the clean sharp lines bring a decadent elegance and a structured look which makes the Modern Extravaganza complete. Anya wanted to create a handbag which will be noticed, yet classic and which will complement a variety of outfits, without dominating them.

How to style the Modern Extravaganza Bag!

How to style the Modern Extravaganza Bag!

Always handcrafted with the finest Italian leather, resulting in not only unmatched attention to detail but also a different attitude to the creation process – focusing on taking the necessary time to produce fewer but rather outstanding designs.

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